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Our Process

When you drop off your tack, we will conduct a face-to-face, comprehensive analysis of the issue and discuss your options. Repair work could be as simple as replacing hardware or a complete restoration. Once we’ve agreed upon the best approach for the job, we’ll write up a detailed invoice outlining the plan of action, price estimate, and time for pick-up.

Pricing for Repairs and Restoration

Pricing for Repairs and Restoration

We start by disconnecting all removable parts of the equipment to ensure a detailed cleaning.

  • Hardware will be cleaned with a specialized metal cleaner that is safe to use on horse tack and equipment.

  • We use non-toxic cleaning products to restore bits, with our main ingredients being baking soda and vinegar.

  •  All leather will be cleaned with a pH-balanced soap/cleaner to guarantee premium results.

  • We'll determine the appropriate conditioner or oil to use during restoration to achieve the best possible finish.

Saddle Detailing Tiers

Tiers are broken down into 3 levels determined by the overall appearance of the saddle and set realistic time frames for the service. If a saddle might require more time, customers will be contacted to discuss the issue and ask permission to finish the project.

Tier I

  • Slightly dirty but needs attention

  • Requires a basic cleaning and conditioning

Minimum of 1 hour - $50.00

Tier II

  • Saddle has been well maintained

  • Requires a professional’s touch for detail work and conditioning

Minimum of 1.5 hours - $75

Tier III

  • Saddle has been neglected

  • Requires extensive TLC

Minimum of 2 hours-$200


Customers will be contacted when the item is ready for pick up via email, text, and/or phone. If the item is not picked up after 7 days of completion, there will be a holding fee. 30 days after the first initial contact for pick up, items will be donated.

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